Marine specialists

Head Energy provides experienced teams and professionals readily available to support our clients.
The priority is always cost effective and safe installations and operations. We provide Marine Coordination and Logistics, Marine Operation Optimization, Rig Operation Management, Harbour Engineering and Risk Management.

Our marine operations team has broad experience in conducting technical assessments and inspections, including contracting and logistical operational planning, and setting up of various vessels solutions such as Installation Vessel (IV), Service Operation Vessel (SOV) and Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s). Head Energy experts are involved in the entire process from technical tender support for vessel contracting to completion of installation. Head Energy Marine Experts are accredited suppliers of eCMID vessel inspections.

We provide:

Vessel inspections and assessment

Vessel technical and commercial contracting

Marine operation assessment and optimisation

Marine coordination and logistics

Marine and client representation

Habour logistics and site assessment

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